Others meanwhile joked that Musk’s comment meant he was turning again to meme-based bitcoin rival dogecoin, a cryptocurrency Musk has recently revealed to have been funding the development of. In September, U.S. national debt—the amount of money borrowed by the federal government to cover operating expenses—topped $33 trillion for the first time, according to figures from the U.S. department of the Treasury. The Federal Reserve how to use defi wallet has rapidly hiked interest rates through 2022 and into 2023 in a desperate attempt to stamp out inflation, however, some fear the rising interest on national debt will spur even greater future spending and inflation. Australian Council of Social Service is urging the federal government to provide cost-of-living relief to people on low incomes to help them pay energy bills as Australia heads into a forecast extremely hot summer.

Additionally, Starbase Coin has an active Telegram community , which provides a platform for investors to discuss the token and stay up to date on its progress. Earlier this month, U.S. national debt—the amount of money borrowed by the federal government to cover operating expenses—topped $33 trillion for the first time, the U.S. department of the Treasury said. Spending has been turbo-charged by the Covid crisis and lockdowns in recent years. «The deficit doubling to $2 trillion in the last year should be a flashing red warning sign to everyone who cares about America’s future,» bitcoin-backing U.S. senator Cynthia Lummis posted to X (Twitter). Traders are nervously eyeing the spiraling U.S. debt pile that some think could trigger a «vicious … [+] circle» that ultimately boosts the bitcoin price.

Solana ranks #8 among other cryptos with $10 billion in market cap and $915 million in trading volume. Earlier this month, the former chief executive of crypto exchange BitMex and legendary bitcoin trader Arthur Hayes predicted the bitcoin price could pump if the Fed keeps raising rates. Over the last week, some fiat currency skeptics have warned soaring U.S. debt could create an inflationary «death spiral» for the U.S. dollar that ultimately pushes up the price of bitcoin. Solana has been stuck in a tight range for several weeks, with the upper limit/resistance at $20 and the lower limit/support at $17.5. Besides the apparent lack of volatility, the SOL community had to battle with FUD surrounding the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. Musk’s U.S. dollar comment was seized upon by many in the bitcoin and crypto community who cheered it as a sign the mercurial Tesla billionaire was returning to bitcoin support.

  • It comes as Sydney Swans legend Adam Goodes became the latest high-profile figure to appear in an ad supporting the yes vote.
  • The Federal Reserve has rapidly hiked interest rates through 2022 and into 2023 in a desperate attempt to stamp out inflation, however, some fear the rising interest on national debt will spur even greater future spending and inflation.
  • Meanwhile, the MACD upholds the bullish outlook on the four-hour chart, but Solana’s price will be in danger of retracing to $22 or $20 as long as support at $24 is not reinforced and the immediate seller congestion at $25 stays intact.

At the same time, Australia is supporting the Pacific’s transition to renewable energy and is helping countries build climate resilience. We will continue to boost financing to the Pacific directly, building on our increased development assistance for the region. The project aims to replicate the success of fellow Telegram-powered web3 platform Unibot, which made advanced crypto trading strategies accessible to Telegram’s 700 million monthly users.

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With the speculation of future exchange listings for $WSM, including Binance or Kucoin, Wall Street Memes’ trading volume continues to rise. It’s important to highlight that this is the key metric attracting the attention of exchanges looking to list new coins. «When rates rise, the government increases interest payments to the rich, the rich spend more on services, and GDP pumps even more,» Hayes wrote, adding bondholders may seek yield in how to sell iota more rewarding «risk assets» like bitcoin. As of Oct 06, Starbase has a market capitalization of $129.4 Thousand and is ranked #5699 among all cryptocurrencies. This calculation is based on the circulating supply of Starbase However, if we take into account the total supply of Tezos, the market capitalization would be $690 Thousand. For more information on the market capitalization and price statistics See full market cap and price stats.

  • You should also be aware of the potential for loss, and only invest what you can afford to lose.
  • Costco customers appear to be fans of the product, with some noting that the prices were lower than those available at other retailers.
  • It comes as the Australian Energy Regulator’s latest state of the energy market report shows energy affordability is a major issue for people on low incomes who bear a disproportionate cost burden.
  • I saw – I’ve seen the video that is referred to that is threatening towards Senator Thorpe and towards the government.

We estimate up to 130 properties may be impacted by the event, hence we issued an Emergency warning late yesterday afternoon which was renewed during the early hours of the morning. The government had initially planned to implement a presumption of bail for children accused of any crime except terrorism and homicide offences, and had enough support on the crossbench for it to pass. AAP reports that federal government ministers have condemned a “disgusting” video, sent to Senator Lidia Thorpe from a suspected neo-Nazi, of a man threatening her and burning the Indigenous flag. Another 20% is earmarked for staking efforts, 10% for marketing initiatives, and 20% contributes to liquidity pools. This transparent and fair distribution method has generated substantial excitement within the crypto community. While the ascent to $0.065 briefly encountered resistance, it reflects the determination of traders and signifies a pivotal resistance level for the bulls.

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To see more analysis and outlook, please check the Starbase price prediction page. X2,x10, etc. means if the price of Starbase (STAR) will multiply by x2,x10, etc how much market cap it will have, and how it will compare then to the same coins. The Costco bars are selling for slightly more than the spot price of gold, which stood at $1,875 an ounce on avinoc nomics Thursday, according to financial data firm FactSet. Gold has long been viewed by investors as a hedge against inflation as well as a source of financial stability when stock and bond markets are volatile. Over the past five years, the price of gold has jumped 57%, compared with a 47% rise in the broad-based S&P 500 stock index during the same period.

Wealth distribution is an important factor to consider when researching a cryptocurrency. It refers to the percentage of the total supply of the cryptocurrency held by the top wallet addresses.

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The project aims to change the game by leveraging its Stake-to-Mine mechanism to make BTC cloud mining accessible to more people. This mechanism runs by having users stake the platform’s BTCMTX token in exchange for Bitcoin mining credits. Solana appears to be at the beginning of a bull run, but the ride won’t be without barricades and significant pullbacks, considering the resistance at $25, $28, and $30.

National rents as tracked by the property data firm CoreLogic lifted 1.6% in the three months to September, down from a 2.2% jump in the June quarter. We understand that some people are still not sure and encourage people to be in touch with trusted community representatives to help make an informed decision. It will urge Australians “to vote Yes to ensure First Nations voices are heard,” according to an Australian Council of Social Service media release. About 130 rural homes may be impacted by flooding in Newry, Tinamba and Tinamba West, Victorian SES deputy chief officer David Baker told ABC News.

Jonathan Duniam has told the ABC that Australia’s $528m research vessel cannot safely pass underneath a bridge in its home port city. But the Commonwealth Ombudsman, in its submission to the Senate inquiry looking at the proposed changes, says it is otherwise “silent” on how the social services department will actually monitor complaints and incidents. As a major global emitter, Australia has a responsibility to contribute to the solutions for children, families and communities who are worst affected by this mounting crisis. Rising sea levels, more damaging cyclones, and higher temperatures are just some of the challenges that the climate crisis is bringing to the doorstep of Pacific communities. In other news, a report by the Australia Institute says the Coalition’s controversial stage-three tax cuts could be remodelled in four different ways to save the budget up to $130bn while still delivering bigger tax cuts to most earners. I’m Martin Farrer and I’ll be running through some of our top stories this morning before Rafqa Touma gets fired up for the day.

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It has a circulating supply of 187.5 million STAR coins and is ranked #5699 by current Starbase market cap of $129.4 thousand. Starbase raised $0 in a crowdsale that started in Nov 2017, Starbase hit its maximum price on 09 Feb 2018 and has recorded an all-time high price of $4.07. Solana’s (SOL) price has been bullish since late last week as investors exploited various profitable setups. The highly competitive smart contracts token has skyrocketed 14% over the last 24 hours to trade at $24.41 during the European session on Monday.

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Investor confidence in the token has improved significantly over the last few weeks, especially with support at $17.5 holding steady. The most recent rebound also pushed SOL out of the descending trending channel, propping the bullish picture. It comes as the Australian Energy Regulator’s latest state of the energy market report shows energy affordability is a major issue for people on low incomes who bear a disproportionate cost burden. Save the Children has welcomed the federal government’s announcement that Australia will rejoin the Green Climate Fund, the world’s largest dedicated climate fund that finances significant climate adaptation projects in developing nations. At 4am on Thursday, the Macalister River downstream of Lake Glenmaggie measured 6.87 metres and steady, above the major flood level.

The Royal Australian Mint released an effigy of the King today, which will start circulating before Christmas. This is the frustration of all Australian Antarctic Division scientists. Labor’s approach to asylum seekers is so flawed it may as well have been designed by Scott Morrison or Peter Dutton. This government was elected on a platform of change, not just to offer the same rubbish in a different bin.

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Secret transfers of people seeking asylum to Nauru is a disgraceful continuation of the last government’s war on refugees. They need to explain why they are exiling people to Nauru instead of ending the barbaric practice of offshore detention immediately. Senator Lidia Thorpe has held a press conference in Melbourne after she was sent a video of a balaclava-clad man making racist remarks, performing the Nazi salute and burning the Aboriginal flag earlier this week. Meanwhile, WSM investors can also consider participating in the TG Casino presale, which has an enticing play-to-earn feature promising substantial passive income returns. A double-bottom pattern has also discouraged profit-taking bears around the $0.04 level. According to the prominent crypto analyst Jake Gagain, with 220,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter), $WSM could become the next 1000x gem.